Ryan (qwantz) wrote,

Mr. Tusks sent me a letter!

So guys a little while ago I got a mysterious package in the mail! It was addressed to T-Rex and it was from MR. TUSKS, with his official vice-mayoral address and everything! Apparently T-Rex has been giving out my address. This was really exciting, so I tore the package open. Inside was a magnifying glass and a still-smaller package, sealed with wax!

This package was semi-transparent, and I could see a still-smaller letter inside. Mr. Tusks had actually sent a letter all the way from Tiny Towne Island! I was suspicious when I saw the return address because THEY CAN BE FAKED, but it was TRUE. I opened this smaller package in haste, but not before stopping to examine the seal. It said, "World's Smallest Letter" and I was inclined to believe it! At this moment I was inclined to believe anything, because fictional characters I'd created were sending me letters.

Inside was Mr. Tusks' actual letter (encased in transparent plastic to protect it during shipping and to make it easy to find in the comparably voluminous envelope, I'd imagine). So tiny! It was hard to read so I used the included magnifying glass.

I opened the sheath, and there I was, holding Mr. Tusks' letter in my enormous hand, a hand that appears so large in this photograph that you could wrap yourself up in it at night like a warm blanket. The tiny latter was also sealed with a tiny bit of wax - the official wax of the vice-mayor's office, I imagine! It was exciting to be receiving letters from people in positions of such esteem.

What did I find inside? A letter! But it was extremely tiny, so I shot this through the magnifying glass supplied:

Hah hah! Oh, Mr. Tusks! You're always getting involved in some SMALL piece of mischief!

ps T-Rex I am sorry I opened your mail but not that sorry
pps: also in the package was a little card from The World's Smallest Postal Service, which is exactly what it sounds like. Mr. Tusks clearly found a good go-between for the Tiny Towne Island Postal Service and the Canadian one!
ppps: thank you to whoever it was put these events in motion! It made my day.

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