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ONR news

For those of you that are following Oh No Robot: T and I are parting ways. When we started out it was envisioned that it would be a 50/50 partnership, with me doing the coding and T handling advertising and so on, but it hasn't really worked out that way: it's turned out that the coding is the hard part and there hasn't really been a need for advertising on or about the site itself. So we are breaking up!

But this is a good breakup! It is the kind of breakup where you still get to be friends, where you can meet each other at a party and laugh. There is no webcomics drama here. I am sorry for that.

For his part, T has taken a copy of the site, and maybe he'll start up something new and exciting with that. Oh No Robot isn't losing any features or anything, and it isn't going away: there's just going to be one less little name on the footer of the page.

T adds:

For me, the hardest part of working on ONR was accepting that I didn't need to work on ONR. Like early Google, it doesn't really need promotion or advertising at this phase in its development. I have all kinds of ideas about search, but what Ryan has is a coherent vision, and ONR seems to get better the more he pursues that vision. I appreciate him giving me a copy of the code, and with it, the opportunity to tinker with my ideas on the side. He didn't have to do that, although he will tell you differently. I'm still a huge fan of ONR, and a huge fan of his: he's one of the finest minds and nicest people I've ever met. The Robot is in good hands.

That is extremely flattering and I wouldn't have posted it if T didn't ask me to. Anyway! Comics!
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